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Meliksah Soyturk is an artist who graduated from Science  Kocaeli Academy. He studied science education and Art. He opened 33 exhibitions in six different countries including Turkey, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and the USA. With his contemporaries, he attracts the audience by the individuality and nature of his paintings, using black pencils, and technical pencils. He developed new art styles and he taught his methods to his students. Most of the awards he received was for his novel ideas and techniques in art education. He has been invited to give speeches at schools and universities. At his exhibitions and conferences, he also talked with the audience one on one to draw a short-term or long-term roadmaps for students for successful art training. His other lectures include Science and Art, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Unknowns. Soyturk believes that Art should help people become closer to goodness, and paintings should encourage societies to live in kindness and faith. By drawing with the only tool he needs, he not only creates works that are esthetically valuable, but also draws attention to successful sources for getting acquainted with the history, especially in Istanbul and New York. Currently, Soyturk lives in New York and is teaching his art techniques.



2007, March, Izmit, TUR

2008, May, Üsküdar Kitap Gemisi(Book Boat),Istanbul,TUR

2008, June,Taksi Metro Exhibition Hall (Sergi Salonu),Istanbul, TUR

2008, October, Bishkek Alatoo Universty, KGZ

2009, April,Los Angeles ATF ,Art fair, USA

2009, May Capıtol Mall Center art Gallery, Altunzade, TUR           (Capitol mall Merkezi)

2009, August, Kastamonu, Municipality, TUR

2010, November, The University of Kastamonu,TUR 2011, March-April,Turkısh House, Berlin, GER

2011, June, Bosnia-Turkish Art Gallery, BIH

2012, November, TBMM, (Turkish Parliament), Ankara,TUR

2012, March - 4 April, Ankara Law Center Art Gallery, TUR

2012, April-May, The National Library of Belarus, BLR

2013, June, Kastamonu  Barutcu Mall art Gallery, TUR

2013, September,  Sarachane Istanbul ,TUR ​

2014, April, New York Flushing Town Hall,The USA

2014, April, Boston art T Center, The USA

2014, April, art  Store,New Jersey, The USA

2014, April, New York NYIT galery 61,The USA

2016, February, Hunter College, The USA

2016, June, Boston State House, The USA

2016, April, Grand dinner exhibition, Brooklyn ,The USA 2016, December, Sunnyside Winter street Exhib.,The USA

2019,March ,Maarif School art holl,New Jersey,The USA

2019, Bryant Park Christmas Market ,NY

2020, Brooklyn City point Christmas Market 

2021, Sunnyside C.Hall 

2021,Bryant Park Christmas Market ,NY


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