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2023 Same locations! coming soon!
New York,
Los Angeles

Berlin, Istanbul, Ankara,
Bishkek, Sara-i
Minsk ...
34 exhibitions

"It`s my gift to New York"

Artist Meliksah Soyturk

Unique Collection of New York in this winter 5 different location !
For you ! 
New York

Colorful New York our story 

My customers put the Colorful New York brand in my paintings, they called these are very colorful. I have been painting the colorful streets of New York long 10  years, I want to touch  people who lives in New York and New York lovers with my art , want to surprise them and make them happy Because New Yorkers and New York lovers always reminded me of being an artist and made my dreams come true. I teach people to paint at a university. We are family , I am Art professor my wife designer and artist too, we are great team for Researching New York history and reinterpreting Old New York paintings from the archive, so I remind people of the New York beautiful  history  and make new concepts for colorful New York .


Artist and Professor  Meliksah


Melixah is three awarded artist ,he is espically perspective and symbolist painter. He is art professor and he opened 34 exhibitions in six different countries including Europe : Anatolia, Istanbul, Berlin, Bishkek, and USA: Los Angeles, New York ,Boston and Washington DC, New Jersey.

Maia Sylba Muse touch Art Magazine Editor / Serbia  about him .
"Meliksah is a beautiful, talented, young artist with a special touch when it is about art and life generally. He gave me his full confidence when I was starting with my magazine, dedicated to visual arts, strongly believing in me. In that way he has proved not just how great artist he is, but also a wonderful human being, dear friend and a person, completely dedicated to art, opened for new adventures, noble and always there when other artists need help. His presentation in my magazine was noticed and he is still one of the most respected and popular artists in Musetouch. It is my great honor to know him and to having an opportunity to publish his art, to share it with all art loves. He has gave me his trust and his heart. Musetouch visual arts magazine would never be the same without him.


2007, March, Izmit, TUR

2008, May, Üsküdar Kitap Gemisi(Book Boat),Istanbul,TUR

2008, June,Taksi Metro Exhibition Hall (Sergi Salonu),Istanbul, TUR

2008, October, Bishkek Alatoo Universty, KGZ

2009, April,Los Angeles ATF ,Art fair, USA

2009, May Capıtol Mall Center art Gallery, Altunzade, TUR           (Capitol mall Merkezi)

2009, August, Kastamonu, Municipality, TUR

2010, November, The University of Kastamonu,TUR 2011, March-April,Turkısh House, Berlin, GER

2011, June, Bosnia-Turkish Art Gallery, BIH

2012, November, TBMM, (Turkish Parliament), Ankara,TUR

2012, March - 4 April, Ankara Law Center Art Gallery, TUR

2012, April-May, The National Library of Belarus, BLR

2013, June, Kastamonu  Barutcu Mall art Gallery, TUR

2013, September,  Sarachane Istanbul ,TUR ​

2014, April, New York Flushing Town Hall,The USA

2014, April, Boston art T Center, The USA

2014, April, art  Store,New Jersey, The USA

2014, April, New York NYIT galery 61,The USA

2016, February, Hunter College, The USA

2016, June, Boston State House, The USA

2016, April, Grand dinner exhibition, Brooklyn ,The USA 2016, December, Sunnyside Winter street Exhib.,The USA

2019,March ,Maarif School art holl,New Jersey,The USA

2019,Bryant Park  Holiday Village

2020,Queens Night Market (Great Festival)

2020 ,Brooklyn City Point Holiday shop

2021, Bryant Park Spring 

2021 ,Bryant Park Holiday Market 

2022,Queens Night Market(Saturdays Festival)

2022,Chelsea Artists and Fleas Market 

2022,Bryant Park Christmas Market 

2022,Brooklyn Borough hall Christmas Market 

2022,JFK Terminal 4 Christmas Show

2022,Grand Central Terminal Graybar Kiosk

2023 Coming Soon !!on Same locations!

Summer !locations

1-Bryant Park Winter Market

2-Chelsea Artist and Fleas Market

3-New Port Cntre mall kiosk

4-Queens Night market (Saturday nights)

2023 Spring-Summer

Queens Night Market (Saturdays) 

Great Spring and Summer show!

New !!! our New Location in New Port Centre mall new Concept!

new port  heights etsy.jpg

Colorful New York physical Store opened in Chelsa  market(Artists and Fleas) 

11 am-7pm Everyday open! you can visit us .

chelsea colorfulnewyork.jpg
November-December 2022
(Amazing Christmas !)
colorful nyc bryant park2.jpg
January 2020

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio supported Meliksah in Public NY Tv Chanel 

NYC Mayor supported Meliksah.png
Art Works
Mayor Blassio visit my shop.jpg

NYC Mayor Blassio  honored me by visiting my exhibition.

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